Life Distilled

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Life Distilled is a podcast that looks into the lives and art of some of history's most famous poets, to learn who they really were, and why we should read poetry.

Episode 5 - Percy Shelley

Merry Christmas!! It's the last episode of season 1! I talk Shelley, the most well known poet of the Romantic era, and for good reason. Then, Robe...
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Episode 3 - William Blake

This episode, I'm taking a look at William Blake, the oldest and probably the oddest of the Romantics. Then I chat with a friend and music history...
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Episode 2 - Lord Byron

Let's dig into the life of Lord Byron, the most prolific of the Romantic poets. Also, I catch up with an old friend to talk about her poetry.
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Episode 1 - John Keats

The first episode of Life Distilled looks at John Keats, who is considered the greatest English poet. I also talk to a scholar of Ancient Greek and Ro...
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