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My name is Felice Gerwitz and I’m your host on The Live Faith and Hope Podcast. We’ll talk about life struggles, faith, relationships, family and whatever the Lord brings my way. One thing you can be sure of … I will share helpful solutions and encourage you along your journey of life! I hope to share joyful and encouraging stories and the hope that comes only from faith in the one true God!

Family First

Family First – Family The Bedrock of Society – Episode 35 Societies have broken apart because family first has been forgotten, and as the bedrock of s...
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Children Are A Blessings

Children Are A Blessing Episode 33 with Denise Mira Are the children in your life a blessing? For many of us we do not realize the impact our children...
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Blessed Is She Who Believes

Blessed Is She Who Believes Episode 32 with Denise Mira Faith helps us tremendously in this very volatile world, and blessed is she who believes that ...
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Longing For Significance

Longing For Significance – Having an Impact as a Mom ~ Episode 31 with Denise Mira Are you longing for significance while drowning in the daily strugg...
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Praying Moms

Praying Moms ~ Episode 30 with Lucia Claborn Are you ready to pray effectively? Well, praying Moms are those of us who don’t stop even in the face of ...
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Trusting God For Your Family Size

Trusting God For Your Family Size Episode 29 with Cindy Rushton Today I want to talk about trusting God for your family size with our special guest wh...
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Joyful Family Celebrations

Joyful Family Celebrations Episode 28 Joyful family celebrations take planning. No matter what time of the year we are in we can find ourselves overwh...
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Pro-Life Minsitry

Pro-life Ministry with Fr. Pavone Episode 27 Have you wanted to help the pro-life ministry? What can you do with love and compassion? With today’s spe...
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Pro-Life & Family

Pro-Life and Family Episode 26 with Special Guest Fr. Frank Pavone Education in the pro-life family with the expert in this movement. In this episode,...
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