Life in Commune

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with a decade of partnership, entrepreneurship, a few laps around the world, two yoga studios, and a dog under their belt (oh yeah, and a baby on the way), Patrick and Carling share their insight, successes, and failures with listeners each week. Episodes explore inside takes on the Yoga & Wellness industry, resources for yoga teachers, practitioners, and business owners, relationship perspectives, deep dives into mindfulness, industry guest interviews (and maybe a little pop culture thrown in) to see what it means to truly live a Life in Commune.

Methods of Practice

In this episode Patrick and Carling sit down to chat about various methods of yoga practice from their personal experience. Join us for practice :: ww...
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What makes you feel successful?

In this episode PB, Carling, CJ, and Shelby sit down to talk about success and finding your way through the ups and downs of any given day. in this ep...
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Should you only practice yoga?

In this episode, the team talks about diversifying the practice of yoga and movement to create a healthy lifestyle. practice with us :: www.communeyog...
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Can you practice too much?

In this episode, Shelby, CJ, and PB talk about our big move then answer your questions around practicing too much and tips for sequencing! Practice wi...
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Our current yoga favorites!

CJ, Shelby, Carling, and PB sit down to answer a number of your questions from this week including our favorite series in Awakening Yoga and what kind...
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What is Awakening Yoga

In this episode Patrick and Carling sit down to chat about Awakening Yoga, how it came to be, and tap into some of the various series that are part of...
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The Musicality of Class

PB, Carling, CJ, and Kim sit down to chat about music in yoga class and finding "A-ha!" moments in practice, enjoy! practice with us :: www.communeyog...
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Coming back to your practice

it's a bro-cast this week! PB and CJ sit down to answer your questions about coming back to your practice, finding wins along the way, music, finding ...
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