Life Lessons

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49. Indiana is Better Than Montana

 We talk about Montana, Conspiracy theories, and over loving youtubers    Merch:  Instagram  @Imlucasb @Dea...
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48. My Shoulder Effin Hurt!

In this episode Lucas talks about pride month, sunburns and running a 5k    Merch:  Instagram  @Imlucasb @D...
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47. Rip Fleelavie

nope I didn't die just the name... listen to be b!tch about politics in this episode     Merch:  Instagram ...
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46. What a Week

What an eventful week learn all about it in this episode of the Life Lessons Podcast!  Merch:  Instagram  ...
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45. gOiNg InSaNe WhIlE rEcOrDiNg

In this episode Fleelavie talks about the Indy 500, the zoo, and a duet that happend  in a bathroom  Instagram  @Fleelavie  @DearLifelessons Email:  c...
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44. Play Gloria!

You guessed it! In this episode we talk about the Blues advancing to the cup finals! We also talk about the joy of putting mulch in yer yard!  Instagr...
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42. Clint Eastwood is Cool!

Fleelavie talks about how everyone is competing for whose more of a victim and how cool Clint Eastwood is!  Instagram  @Fleelavie  @DearLifelessons Em...
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41. Family Matters

 In this episode we discuss the gross reality that we are all related to each other especially if you're in Europe  Instagram  @Fleelavie  @DearLifele...
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