Life On with Aparna

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Life is exactly how we see it and it's ever so dynamic with highs and lows. This podcast is an effort towards creating a balance, be it in our professional and in our personal life. It is a reminder to come back on track everytime we sink too low and lose ourselves to an unhealthy speed. It is a step followed by another sequence of steps on a journey that takes to a destination of our choice. We are together in this. It all depends on how we see it. So this podcast is an effort towards seeing the glass half full.

Ep:8 How to deal with bad news?

With all the bad news coming our way, it's important that we learn to manage how we respond to it. Sending 4 powerful tips your way which will help yo...
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Ep:3 The Only Secret to Happiness

All our lives we have looked at happiness the wrong way. Listen to this podcast to understand the most easy and simple secret to happiness. I am shari...
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Ep:1 You are not alone.

On this World Mental Health Day, please take 12 mins out of your day and listen to what I have to say. Chances are you know this already. But let my v...
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