Lights Camera Retraction

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Lights Camera Retraction is a podcast about movies. Each week host's Josh and Oxley will be watching movies and discussing what these movies are trying to tell us and their relevance to the world we live in.

Episode 43: Brave

Today host's Oxley and Josh take a slight detour to discuss Pixar and Disney's "Brave". Listen in to hear josh talk about the sizes of bears and Oxley...
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Update on the Podcast

Hey guys.  We are releasing two episodes back to back.  This first is just a little update on what we have been doing durid the Covid-19 Pandemic.  We...
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Episode 42: Pinocchio

On todays long due episode Oxley and Josh discuss Walt Disney's "classic" Pinocchio.  Listen in to hear Josh make bad jokes and for the team to totall...
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Episode 41: Snow White

On todays episode hosts Oxley and Josh discuss the OG Disney Movie, Snow white.  Listen in to hear discussion on the relevance of classic Disney and t...
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Bonus Episode (the Prestige)

On this bonus episode Josh is joined with two of his friends brad and Stu to talk about the Christopher Nolan Neoclassic The Prestige.  This is the fi...
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Episode 40: 101 Dalmatians

On todays podcast host's Oxley and Josh discuss the classic Glen Close/Hugh Laurie classic......oh wait actually that movie is terrible.  We watched D...
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Episode 39: Frozen 2

On todays long over due episodes host's Oxley and Josh talk about Walt Disney's Frozen 2.  Its safe to say we liked this movie. Please send any questi...
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Episode 36: Brother Bear

On todays episode hosts Josh and Oxley talk about Walt Disney's Brother Bear.  Listen in to hear Josh discuss his intense dislike for this film and Ox...
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