Lights, Camera, Transaction!

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We discuss technology and business growth strategies with entrepreneurs and operators of rapidly-growing companies.

Episode 21: Mike Learakos

Mike Learakos comes back to talk with Paul about the transition from Waste Not OC to the national brand: Abound Food Care. They take the food that res...
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Episode 20: Chef Sergio Ortega

Paul Hadfield meets Chef Sergio, who shares the story of when he knew he wanted to become a chef, talks about his teaching style, and using recipes an...
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Episode 19: Gabo Gonzalez

In this episode, Paul speaks with Gabo Garcia, CEO and Founder of G Social, to discuss transitioning his career into social media, working for free as...
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Episode 18: Riley Huddleston

In this episode, Paul Hadfield talks to Riley Huddleston, Executive Chef-Partner of Lido House, about following his move out to Newport Beach and midw...
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Episode 17: Steve Gostin

In this episode, Paul Hadfield talks to Steve Gostin of California Culinary Coalition, Hotrods and Handguns, Santa Ana College School of Continuing Ed...
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Episode 15: Team Podcast

Paul Hadfield, Glenn Griffith, John Sallaz, and Margaux Murray all bring a topic to the table for Hadfield Group's first-ever Team Podcast.
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Episode 12: Jeff Emig

On this episode, Paul speaks with Jeff Emig, former world renowned professional motocross racer and now a co-owner of a restaurant in Balboa Island.
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