Like Father, Like Daughter


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Like Father, Like Daughter takes the two perspectives of DeLisa Payne (Daughter) & Rev. Shaw (Father) as they dissect and formulate solutions for today's social issues based on their relationship with the Heavenly Father. A podcast that's not too churchy but is based on aspects of their religious relationship that brought them closer together.

Entanglement Situations

Good evening, Family! We are going back to the beginning and mother Mary is coming on the show to tell her side of the story, the FUYLL story. We talk...
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Just Checkin In

Good evening, Family! We are back among all the mayhem and caoticness that has been going on in the U.S. We just thought we were getting COVID-19 unde...
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Going Stir Crazy In 2020!!

Good evening, Family! We are back and we are here to talk about it all...or the lack of it all. Are you going crazy at home, well this episodes proves...
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Rona You Crazy

Good evening, Family! We are back among those of you quarantined from the Coronavirus aka Rona. Sit back and dive into it with your favorite host on t...
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The Black Dollar w/ June Deboise

Good evening, Family! We are back with one of the best teachers in Oklahoma, Mrs. June Deboise to talk about the black dollar, the Black Wall Street m...
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Flex Wellness w/ Mandisa Sobers

Good evening, Family! We are here today to talk about emotional, spiritual and wellness with our expert Mandisa Sobers. What does health encompass, wh...
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World War Flu, Let's Talk Health

Good evening, Family! We are back to have a heart to heart. We take a 360 degree look at health and how that ties into your personal and family health...
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