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Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes is an organization committed to helping children and adults learn to read and comprehend to their potential. Lindamood-Bell Radio explores a wide range of topics revolving around learning, literacy, and education. Hear from public school leaders, parents of children with learning difficulties, literacy coaches, teachers, researchers and even an inspiring college football player who is passionate about getting kids in his community reading. Lindamood-Bell's founders pioneered programs to develop the imagery-language foundation that underlies reading, comprehension, and math. We teach students at Lindamood-Bell Learning Centers, Learning Camps throughout the world, and Lindamood-Bell Academy—a K thru12 Private School. Also, the Lindamood-Bell for Schools division helps educators maximize student achievement through customized workshops and professional development. Thank you for listening to the Lindamood-Bell Radio podcast. Find more episodes and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. Follow Lindamood-Bell on Twitter @lindamoodbell or, on Facebook and YouTube.

Kellie Cohen Minton

Kellie Cohen Minton, Director of Student Achievement and Accountability, Fort Smith Public School District joins us to discuss the district's literacy...
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Sydney Bassard

Sydney Bassard was studying to become a pharmacist in college when her younger brother, a fifth grader, overcame his lifelong reading difficulties at ...
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