Listen Up Munday

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Every Monday Kel and Cina will enlighten you on what’s really going on in today’s society. As we talk about issues that others are to afraid to bring up. Let’s start ❤️’n Mundays again!!!


In this episode we will discuss the pros, cons and nightmares of dating.
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College or no college?

In this episode we will discuss the benefits of going to college. How choosing the right right major is important. Let’s not forget the epic parities....
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Child Support

On this episode will will discuss if women/ men should stress over receiving or giving child support.
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Is it ok to snitch?

In this episode we will discuss all different types of snitching. From dry snitching to flat out rolling over on someone. Is it all the same? Listen t...
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Parenting in a blended family

This episode we will discuss the difficulties of being apart of a blended family. And the drama with Alicia keys! Be sure to tune in next Monday for a...
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New Year’s Resolutions!

In this episode we will discuss. Why do people make New Years resolutions? Why do they fail? And What are some typical New Years resolutions? Also on ...
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