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Lit Nerves Radio is a conversation about public affairs hosted by Will Madaus.

Episode 8: Censorship on Campus

We examine free speech and censorship on college campuses in this edition of Lit Nerves Radio. Our guest, Susan Kruth of FIRE, takes us through the le...
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Episode 7: Implementing Innovation

This week we delve into how invention becomes innovation, innovation’s causes, consequences, and characteristics. James Bessen,  a fellow at Harvard’s...
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Episode 6: Mental Health

We speak with Dr. Steven Hyman, former director of the National Institute of Mental Health and former provost of Harvard University, who now directs t...
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Episode 5: Civil Liberties

Civil liberties are at the center of any liberal democracy and this week’s show. We talk with Samuel Walker, Emeritus Professor of Criminal Justice at...
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Episode 4: The Military of Tomorrow

Gen. Anthony Zinni, USMC (Ret.) joins host Will Madaus to discuss the military of tomorrow, informed by lessons learned from the recent past. It’s not...
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Episode 3: Oil

Fracking has brought an oil boom to America, setting her to overtake Saudi Arabia in the not too distant future. Oil prices have crashed, to the joy o...
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Episode 2: Infrastructure

We’ll be taking planes, trains, and automobiles, on our way to the heart of transportation with our guide, Robert Puentes, a senior fellow at the Broo...
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Episode 1: Nukes

This episode, the first of Lit Nerves Radio, covers nuclear weapons: their risks, benefits, and future. Host Will Madaus talks with Allie Van Dine of ...
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