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OctopusPark's Literate Gamer: a discussion of games, their meaning, and their impact on people and art.

Book Club: Dune, part 2

The Dune book club continues in part 2, where Paul and Jessica enter the desert, he has a family (theoretically?), and somehow Jonathan misses an orgy...
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Aliens FireTeam Elite

Nick regales Jonathan with the first-person multiplayer shooter Aliens FireTeam Elite, a fun game and faithful use of the IP.
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Book Club: Dune, part 1

The gang discusses the first part of the classic sci-fi novel Dune, the original text, how it was, how it is: ahead of its time, but also a product of...
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Jonathan and Nick speak with Justin from TheTallGuyGamer about Returnal, a haunting experience of platforming, bullet-hell, and don't forget despair, ...
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Ox-Eye Media & DeepWater Games

Jonathan and Nick speak with El Whitcomb, Community Manager for Ox-Eye Media, which includes DeepWater Games, and their fantastically fun and accessib...
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Matt Forbeck

Nick and Jonathan speak with Matt Forbeck, a truly phenomenal font of creativity, writer of dozens of books, contributor to scads of games, including ...
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