Live a Little

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A podcast on how to share the Faith. Let’s live a little and bring the lost to life together!

Secular Sacramentals

Secularism has its own sacraments and sacramentals like the mask, the vax, the pill, abortion, gay unions, pornography or scientism that are attempts ...
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Islam to Christ with Oguz

Oguz Alhan grew up in Istanbul and found Christ through reading the New Testament. Despite being threatened by his family, he chose to stay with Chris...
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Birthing Person's Day

Angela walks through the history of the Mother's Day and how we arrived at the "Birthing Person's Day". In a world where the beauty of motherhood is o...
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Modesty as Temperance

Modesty is an expression of the virtue of temperance, which should guide more than simply clothing. In this episode, Angela and I talk about what it m...
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Acts of the Apostles with Saints

Derya and Angela talk about Acts of the Apostles and the beginning of the Catholic Church through the lives of St. Luke, St. John, St. Paul, St. Mary ...
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Islam to Christ with Veronica

Veronica lives in a Muslim country in the Middle East. The Lord found her and her husband in the dark and brought them home to the Catholic Church. In...
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