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Live On Purpose Radio features principles of prosperity, abundance, and positive psychology to help you create and live the life you love. As you listen to Live On Purpose Radio, you’ll hear powerful stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Dr. Paul Jenkins interviews inspiring people about principles that empower them to live on purpose. Living on purpose means that you have a purpose, and that you do it intentionally. Live on Purpose Radio,, started in 2007 and has been helping listeners worldwide overcome the effects of noxious negativity with a regular dose of Pathological Positivity. Share Live On Purpose Radio with anyone you know who would appreciate a dose of positivity in their life. Visit for more resources to Live On Purpose.

Let’S EXplain

Natasja Visser joins Dr. Paul Jenkins for this episode of Live on Purpose Radio. Natasja’s expertise as a professional counselor lies in helping paren...
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Parenting and Personal Development

Dr. Lili De Hoyos Anderson joins Dr. Paul Jenkins for this episode of Live On Purpose Radio to discuss the power of parenting in our own personal deve...
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Dad University

The role and importance of fathers is well established in the industry of child psychology and development, but little training or education occurs to...
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Your Best Life at Any Age

In Your Best Life at Any Age, leading Australian psychologist Andrew Fuller has connected with half a million people over his career to trace the most...
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Humor is Healing

Dave Caperton joins Dr. Paul Jenkins for this episode of Live On Purpose Radio. We often take ourselves way too seriously. Humor can be a powerful too...
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Road to $20 Million

Shane Torres knows first-hand that success doesn’t come easy. He faced countless personal and professional roadblocks, but he overcame bankruptcy and ...
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Larry Doochin joins Dr. Paul Jenkins for this episode of Live On Purpose Radio to discuss the principles that allow us to take down the fears that can...
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Writing on Purpose

As an author of 17 books (and counting), Sylvie Grayson knows a thing or two about what it takes to become an author. Her rich life experience has tau...
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Thinking About Thinking

Richard E. Nisbett is a prominent psychologist who has studied how we reason, what can go wrong with our reasoning, and how we can move beyond some of...
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