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Dare to challenge your workout routine with LIVESTRONG.COM professionals showing you step-by-step instructions on how to get fit. Every week LIVESTRONG.COM publishes a new video podcast covering topics from how to do plank exercises to how to improve your cardio endurance. Whether you are interested in running your first marathon or beginner's strength exercises in the gym, LIVESTRONG.COM Fitness Essentials will help you sculpt your body at home. To find more videos on diet, exercise and healthy living visit

Box Jumps

Box squat jumps are designed to build vertical explosion, so look for a raise surface that challenges your vert. Keep the rhythm consistent and absorb...
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Ball Slams

Ball slams are a great core strengthening exercise that incorporates your chest and shoulders. Keep your spine slightly curved while performing and pi...
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Hanging Leg Raises

Hanging leg raises are a lower abdominal strengthening exercise, not a hip flexion exercise. You will fire your hip flexors, but your goal is to curl ...
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Alternating Incline Press

Alternating incline chest press is a great variation to the standard incline chest press as it adds an element of balance and core stability. Learn ho...
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Side Leg Drops

Leg drops are a tough core strengthening exercise. Stay curved up and put your hands behind your head if they start to fatigue. If you can't extend yo...
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2 Dumbbell Squat Press

Two dumbbell squat press is a full body combination exercise that strengthens your hips snap and trains for power. It'll get your heart rate up, so go...
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One Leg Jumps

This one leg jump is an important exercise to build and support body weight loads on one leg. You should feel it in your glutes and the lower leg stab...
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