Living in Pursuit

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Episode 10 – Big Buck Hunter?

I’ve always looked at the whitetail hunting world a bit sideways. Between all the trail cams, food plots, expensive leases, and nicknamed deer, it all...
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Episode 8 – Jim Billipp

Killing your first deer is a powerful, complicated experience. Hunting literature abounds with father-son first deer stories, as the hunting heritage ...
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Episode 7 – Todd Solek

Todd Solek is the owner of Farm To Hearth, a unique bakery in Haddam, CT. Todd makes bread the old fashioned way, with locally raised grains and all n...
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Episode 6 – Aric Kirsch

The 2017 spring turkey season wrapped up a little while ago, and now begins the long wait for September. In this episode, my buddy Aric and I go over ...
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