Living with visual Impairment - for iPad/Mac/PC

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What does the world look like to a person with a visual impairment? How does restricted vision impact on everyday life? How can you offer assistance without taking control? The video tracks on this album simulate what the world looks like to people with a range of visual impairments, and show good practice when acting as a sighted guide. The audio tracks offer personal perspectives from two people living with severe visual impairment. This material forms part of The Open University's Pre-registration nursing programme.

Visual Impairment

Jackie's Experience Of acute transitory visual impairment as a result of MS, including her experience of difficulties with lighting and contrast.
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Nurse Support

Jackie explains how nurses can support and empower people with visual impairments.
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Seeing things differently

Andy, a low vision officer with the RNIB in Wales, has been visually impaired for most of his life. He explains the difficulties he has experienced wi...
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