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Helping Local Small Business Owners like handymen, cleaners, landscapers, painters, tradesman, dog groomers, franchisees, pool cleaners, brick & mortar, etc, earn a 6 figure income. So if you're working 60, 70 hours a week and struggle to grow your small business and you want more financial freedom, this show is for you. My mission is to help you earn an awesome income!

Time to Check Your Prices!

You should always check your prices at least twice a year. As we head into the new year, it is time to make any adjustments you might need to start th...
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Why Aren’t You Paying Yourself?

How long should you reinvest your profits into the business? There is a difference between profits and a fair wage for yourself. Don’t make the mistak...
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What Does Your Customer Want?

What was the last time that you stopped to think about your customer and what they want long before they even pick up the phone to call you? Knowing w...
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Answer the Damn Phone!

More sales and profits are left on the table due to business owners who simply do not get back with customers that have money in hand, ready to spend ...
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