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What you asked me to talk about, along with some good ass music. :)

Episode 6: Free Weezy!

More on Jersey Shore, Lil' Wayne, and liquid glass. Playlist: Won't Get Fooled Again - The Who A Milli (Absorb Fish Remix) - Lil' Wayne I Hate My Baby...
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Episode 5: RIP Jersey Shore

Thoughts on Jersey Shore, the Burger King Bar, and manners. Playlist: Cuddle Fuddle - Passion Pit So Happy I Could Die - Lady Gaga It's Only Love - Th...
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Episode 4: Beautiful Muzak

Playlist: Losin' My Mind - Blaylock (http://blaylockmusic.com) wrong in all our ways - ReWork It Ain't Gonna Save Me - Jay Reatard Because I Got High ...
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