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Group of avid outdoorsman from WNY looking to share our passions with you. Bringing some real life experience to help you with you next big adventure.

Ep 124 Day 4 Recap - Colorado 2021

In our final installment of our western hunt series, the guys share a recap of our hunt around the camp fire. This would be our last night in camp tog...
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Ep 123 Day 2 Recap-Colorado 2021

Join us around the camp fire for a recap of day 2 in the high country. We chat about our first full day in the woods, what the elk and deer are up to,...
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Ep 122 Colorado Day 1- 2021

We just got back from our trip to Colorado to chase Mule Deer and Elk. This will be the 1st of 3 episodes from the hunt and in our day 1 recap we refl...
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Ep 120- Jesse Coots- Chasing Elk

Its time to chase elk so who better to chat with than Jesse Coots. Jesse has a strong track record of traveling out of state and getting it done wheth...
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Ep 119 Buck Fever Synthetics

This week we are joined by Troy Kailbourne, the President and CEO of Buck Fever Synthetics. Troy is a local WNY'er who has gotten himself deep into th...
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Ep 118 Live from Windy Brew

What a day at Windy Brew as we debuted our beer Dirt Nap IPA. We had an fantastic turn out and raised a pile of money for the National Deer Associatio...
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