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LOL UR GAY is a gay comedy podcast with hosts Adam Myatt and Lisa Buchanan. Adam and Lisa, two comedians from Halifax, talk about jokes, being gay, and the glorious intersection of those two things. New episodes every third Friday!

The Modern World, Man

An unreleased episode from the vault, recorded almost a year ago. See for privacy and opt-out information.
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Is There Local Access TV on Mars?

We're back! After a break to work on some other projects together, we're back with season 3! Adam and Lisa chat about the last year, new projects, thi...
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BONUS: Quirky And Or Queer Promo

Here at LOL UR GAY we’re between seasons, but we wanted to tell you about a new podcast by a friend of ours!It’s called Quirky And Or Queer.Quirky And...
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Y2K and the Magic Eye

Lisa and Adam talk Y2K, Magic Eye pictures, Survivor and milk. That's what happens when you don't bring an outline! See for privacy ...
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BOO! It's Halloween!

Lisa and Adam take a deep dive into Halloween past, and settle long debated Halloween candy hierarchies. See for privacy and opt-out...
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Lisa and Adam talk about stuff - physical stuff, emotional stuff, digital stuff, and how they probably have too much of it. See for ...
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