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The Longhorn Leap podcast talks about the University of Texas and its great sports teams. Texas football, Texas basketball, and Texas Baseball will all be fair game. In the ‘leap around the nation’ segment the guys talk college football and college basketball in general. College football recruiting, college basketball recruiting, and sports betting will also be topics that are included. LonghornLeap is the unofficial official podcast of the University of Texas athletic program.

Episode 29 – OU Still Sucks

It’s Texas/OU week and that means laughs around and Baker Mayfield police take down videos. The post Episode 29 – OU Still Sucks appeared first on Lon...
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Episode 28 – Just Win

Kansas St preview time as the guys talk Tom Herman going for it on forth down, mensa, and the Shane v. Sam debate. Myrick wonders if Chris Warren is a...
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Episode 27 – Longhorn Leap Live

The guys decided to record the first half of the pod at halftime and managed not to jinx the team to a loss. Then after the game was over they broke d...
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Episode 26 – Thanks Gus Johnson

USC recap. Was it the right call to go for 2? How are we suppose to feel as Texas fans? The post Episode 26 – Thanks Gus Johnson appeared first on Lon...
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Episode 22 – New Longhorns!

It’s time to break down the recruiting class! The guys hit on the new names in the Longhorn family and go in depth on a few players to keep an eye on....
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