Losing a Child: Always Andy's Mom

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When pediatrician mom of three, Marcy Larson's 14 yo son, Andy, was killed in a car accident in 2018, she felt like her life was over. In many ways, that life was over, and a new one forced to begin in its place. Come alongside her as she works through this journey of healing. She discusses grief and child loss with other grieving parents and those who work to help them in their grief. This podcast is for grieving parents and well as those who support them.

Episode 110: Luc's Mom

Like many young boys, Luc loved sports. He loved playing soccer and baseball and like every good Canadian boy, Luc loved hockey. His mom, Lianne, says...
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Episode 109: Aviva's Dad

Today's guest, Hans, says he 'prides himself on being a father first and foremost, cherishing every moment of his fatherhood journey.' Before bed each...
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Episode 110: David's Mom

Parenting can never be described as easy, but parenting when your family is suffering after the death of a child is beyond difficult. Grief is everywh...
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Episode 107: Corey's Mom

Nine years ago, when 6 week-old Corey was admitted to the hospital for generalized weakness, everyone assumed that he had some sort of infection. His ...
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Episode 105: Garret's Mom & Sister

We have spoken many times over the past two years about the fact that there is no 'right way' to grieve and that different people grieve in very diffe...
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Episode 104: Martin's Mom

Live in the moment. When Joni's son, Martin, was dying from cancer at the age of 18, the family asked him if he had any words of advice for his newbor...
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Episode 103: Emmy's Mom

Emmy's Mom, Erin, knew her daughter was going to be a special girl from the moment she was born. Emily (known by her family as Emmy) was born on 8/03/...
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Episode 102: Luke's Mom

Today's guest, Laura, loves sharing the story of her son, Luke, and his amazing teen faith in God. Throughout all of his struggles with cancer, he nev...
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