Lost in the Vault

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The podcast about Disney movies that don't quite have the magic! Whether they be forgotten gems, cult classics, mediocre duds, or just absolute crap, hosts Dallin Agatone and Amanda Dutkiewicz sit down and discuss the films, the people behind them, and their place in film history.

Annie (1999) (w/ Peter Vulfranc)

"There's always that one bitch in the crew who isn't down with murder." - Peter Vulfranc Hey kids, remember when the solution to class warfare was pow...
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Dallin and Amanda do another audio commentary! This time, they watch 2002's The Sweatbox, Trudie Styler and John-Paul Davidson's documentary about the...
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The Watcher in the Woods

"I'm good at making people regret things." - Amanda Dutkiewicz Hey kids, remember when Disney made their first horror movie? And then had to delay it ...
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The Odd Life of Timothy Green

"He does bully the child, just not enough." - Amanda Dutkiewicz Hey kids, remember when Frank Zappa's kid made a Disney movie? Well, Dallin Agatone an...
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