Love, Hate, And Secrets

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Welcome to yet another podcast hosted by a comic. The difference between this one and others? This one is hosted by Rick Matthews. Bam

Episode 202

We are back for 2 weeks in a row! That's a streak baby! Join me as I get into my soul, and into your hole. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that. Howe...
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The Long Ride Home

Rick decides to talk to himself on the ride home, and it ends up letting him get into the reasons why he is how he is, and maybe we'll get to the bott...
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Pat House and Rock and Roll

Rick sits down with Pat House, and they talk about music, why Peg Bundy is awful, and all sorts of other things that make them pals. Don't make the mi...
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Episode 2.5

In this quick episode it's just Rick all by himself explaining why it isn't a full episode, and why he just isn't a smart person.
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