Lucky Charm City

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A breakfast cereal podcast where three Baltimore comedians (Beth Haydon, Chris Hudson and Davion Williams) talk all things cereal. We cover new releases, cereal news and interview other comedians about their cereal experiences. Hardcore & casual cereal fans welcome! Follow us: @cwhudson and @wokeandbaked on Twitter

005 - Gorilla Munch (w/ Dark Mark)

We're joined in this episode by DARK MARK JOYNER (Sidebar, Don't Stop Comedy) where we rip right into Gorilla Munch by Nature's Path Envirokids, get i...
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004 - Cereal Reboot (w/ Umar Khan)

We're joined in studio by UMAR KHAN (DC Improv, Gin & Jokes) for a walkthrough of Umar's cereal history, a look at cereal beers and he helps us review...
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