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Welcome to the all new Jimmy Lynch Podcast, Lynch on Mic

Lynch on Mic episode 1

October 22nd, 2019, Lynch breaks down a little about himself while also jumping into some of the Blackhawks, Bears and Coyotes news you need to know! 
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Episode 6

Jimmy and Leo talk trade deadlines and contenders in the NHL
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Under The Mic 5

On January 6th Jimmy Breaks down the Winter Classic, a controversy in Dallas, the Hawks Defense, a pick to win the cup, and talks about the Bears seas...
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Under The Mic 4

Someone left Jimmy alone in the Under The Mic studio and allowed him to make a podcast, oh no... Jimmy Breaks down everything going on around the NFL ...
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Under The Mic Episode 3

Dealing with the firing of Joel Quenneville Pat and Jimmy talk everything Blackhawks, and the future of Coach Q
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