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The Made To Move Podcast is about running, God, and where the two meet.

Ep #17 Gavin Coombs

Gavin is a resident of Colorado and grew up in the Christian faith. He talks with me about how God shaped him through his running career. Gavin grew u...
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Ep #14 Kitty Robinson

Kitty has had more than her share of scary moments in life. From brain surgery to heart surgery, Kitty has praised God the whole way, and counts every...
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Ep #11 Donna Wise

Donna Wise is a very accomplished master's runner. She has lived a full life where she traveled to Mexico to perform in Christmas Pageants and help pr...
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Ep #10 Stephanie Pezzullo

Stephanie Pezzullo (Pezz), has qualified for the 2020 Olympic Trials in a time of 2:38, but her story goes much deeper than that. Pezz suffered lots o...
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