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Magic Beans Podcast - a cast for the competitive casual Magic player

Ep 100: Wow is all we can say

Celebrating their 100th episode the Beans record with a live Discord audience. This episode is just a whole bunch of random stuff where we take input ...
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Ep. 98: World‘s is here!

This week Cracker is back on hosting duties with Chewy along for the chat about the Worlds meta game. Were they surprised at what decks have turned up...
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Ep 96: Brand new standard

This week Shorty & Cracker give you a full run down on the state of the new standard format & what decks we are seeing in the meta Head to this link t...
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Ep 93: D&D league finals breakdown

This week its all about the decks you will be seeing on stream at our D&D league finals. We break them all down & give you our thoughts on each list a...
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Soooo many announcements this week that they filled an entire episode. The Beans give you a run down on all of them and their thoughts to go with them...
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Ep 91: Evergreen - Netdecking

This week Chewy gives you a run down on all things netdecking. What it is, where it came from & what his thoughts on the topic are. Enjoy! Head to thi...
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