Magic with Zuby

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Magic with Zuby is a podcast dedicated to the game of Magic the Gathering. Join Zuby as he interviews various guests, from Pro Players to Content Creators and everything in between. Also discusses current news in the world of Magic and puts his spin on things.

Episode 237 - Taalia Vess

This week we brought on the amazing Taalia Vess. We discussed so many topics and had a really great discussion that could've kept going but we had to ...
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Episode 236 - Zabracus

This week we brought on Twitch Streamer and Cosplayer Zabracus! We discussed her start into cosplay and what it takes to make costumes as well as her ...
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Episode 235 - AliasV

This week we brought on Magic content creator and commentator AliasV! AliasV is best known as a streamer and for commentating on various Magic tournam...
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Episode 233 - Foodtime

This week we brought on fellow Podcaster and Streamer Foodtime! Foodtime is also on the Magic the Gathering podcast called Rather Be Draftin' with MP ...
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Episode 232 - Max Makes Magic

This week we brought on the quizmaster, Max! Max has just started a new quiz show this year called Battle of Wits! We discuss his process on making th...
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