Make-Believe Heroes

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Welcome to Make-Believe Heroes: an actual-play, 5th Edition Dungeon and Dragons Adventure! Join our players every Monday as they set out for adventure in the homebrew world of Manumi.

Son O' Mine

** Please don't skip the first two minutes, as there is an important announcement about the coming few weeks of MBH.Description: The battle continues ...
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"Killing Really Is Super"

Description: Having infiltrated the Hog's Trough Inn, our party forms a plan to sneak into the basement, so that they might: a) save Torgin's friend B...
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Bop It, Boppin

Description: Two suspicious figures run through the streets of Mine City with our adventurers hot on their tails. They hope to catch them and find the...
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Let Your Torgin Be Your Guide

Description: Secrets are revealed, and Balric Nightrain is called to answer.The Adventure Continues at: 5:18.Also, quick note, WE HAVE MERCH! http://t...
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An Audience with the King

Description: With powerful knowledge in their hands, the party makes a bee-line for Dimmerhold. They must find King Shattershield, and quickly, so tha...
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The Trial of the Wolf

Description: Following Nero and the wolves through the storm, the group descends into their den toward this mysterious mistress. What awaits them bene...
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Winter's Wolves

Description: Winter is here, freezing and white, and in the storm the howls ring out. Can our adventurers overcome these beasts in their own frozen te...
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The Path Forward

Description: Mogart comes face-to-face with her past as Kyorg and the rest head toward the Waxing Way Inn. Together, they will set forth to try and di...
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A Kingly Quest

Description: Kyorg makes his way toward the unfinished arena for the Gauntlet of the Moon, answering a summons from the King himself. Durond Shattersh...
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The Moonlight Sanctuary

Description: The upcoming Gauntlet looms over the crowd, the excitement radiating throughout the city. With the wonders of Dimmerhold now at their dis...
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