Making the difference

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Effective, efficient, patient-centred and safe healthcare is what we all want to see, and what the field of quality improvement is all about. In these podcasts, Harriet Vickers talks to doctors and other healthcare professionals about how they’ve gone about improving care for their patients, and explores the ideas and techniques behind making change happen.

Tell me a story

How can asking patient to tell us their story improve healthcare? Helen Morant, content lead at BMJ, talks us through her project getting healthcare p...
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What are they on?

This week, we look at medication reconciliation. Joshua Pevnick, health services researcher and hospital physician at Cedars-Sinai Hospital, LA, US, t...
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The science of improvement

Or, the one where Fiona Moss and Don Berwick tells us what they think quality improvement is. Fiona Moss is dean, Royal Society of Medicine, and Don B...
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Bad with names

It's bad practice to prescribe a brand name drug when a cheaper, viable and approved generic is available. But, particularly in the US, this happens t...
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Plan, do, study, act

Plan, do, study, act cycles, or PDSA cycles, are the basis of many quality improvement projects, they're a model to trial changes and feed the lessons...
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Mistakes were made

The Francis report, the Berwick report, the Keogh review - all of these have highlighted how important learning from mistakes is in healthcare. Report...
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