Man Listen

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Just a couple of guys and their friends discussing any and everything under the sun. Take us serious, we really are as off as we appear.

Throwback Season

This is an old show we did with our friends @Shittalky & @Resolutionary_ a while back but it was a good one a lot of people didn't hear. Disclaimer: T...
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In Miah's Defense

Miah’s defense of Miah…the continued defense of Miah…People Larion refuses to talk about on Twitter, Larion’s mystical powers, dreams of doing nothing...
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Hot Fiyah!

A show a little out of our lane but Miah felt like we had to do it so here it is. Inspired by MTV’s and the homies over at Where’s My 40 Acres we deci...
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Debates over rather or not the bartender should be attractive, “white” drinks, club memberships and cheese love, keeping your sex talk to yourself if ...
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Roll Tide!

Ok so we have moments in February aka Black History Month, why Whites are the most offended by the n-word, rather or not people are born evil, struggl...
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The Secret

This show covers hostility in Larion's life as Miah attempts to be his motivational speaker, Miah's delusions of becoming a "better" person, how Lario...
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Nature Of The Beast

This show (not the first like it says; we thought the first one was lost lol!) covers how to intro a show, Miah's people skills, us debating how to do...
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Lift Off

The initial episode of Man Listen. Follow us on this journey as we talk about animals catching cabs and beatdowns as well surgery from their owners, t...
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