Mano Sach!! Na Mano Rahasya!!

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What if I tell you that paranormal activities are not a myth and these super natural powers do exist? Let's listen to some real life paranormal incidences and decide whether its true or not. Mano to Sach!! Na Mano to Rahasya!!!

Haunting Hour|Season-2

In this episode, we bring you two spine-chilling 'Unheard' haunted stories.

Story #1: Kaalchakra

What if time wer...

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Pahadi Wala Mandir

What if you get a godly power? What happens when everything you think starts happening in real? Lets listen to the story of Ankush a simple guy who...

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Mukti - Salvation

What happens when someone dies before their time? What happens if they are not properly cremated or are not given funeral? As per popular belief th...

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Jungle Ki Wo Shaam

It is said that if there is one place where you are sure to cross path with supernatural is a dense forest. Lets Find out what happened to 2 kids 20 y...
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