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…“Influencers, Killers, philanthropists, celebrities, non-entities, criminals, crimefighters, friends and maybe an enemy…Marcus meets a plethora of people you know….and some you don’t…”

33 Mars Corp

David Knight and David Price, two of the three creators of the MarsCorp Podcast join us two tell us all about how they ended up working together, The ...
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32 Edith Bowman

Amazing Photography, The ‘SoundTracking’ Podcast, Edith Bowman’s - Songs To Have Sex To Edith Bowman's Great British Music Festivals Film 2016 plus l...
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30 Batman

Batman….not all of us can be Batman…let alone a Guinness world record holding Batman… Marcus speaks to Julian Checkley to find out how he managed to a...
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28 Mega Ran

From being a teacher in Philadelphia to his flourishing musical career, his album RNDM being released on a NES cartridge and LOADS more! see/ hear mor...
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27 Amerie

A throwback to when Marcus met Amerie For information regarding your data privacy, visit
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26 Fatman Scoop

From loosing teeth in the club, tearing apart Baluga Bar - Preston, his amazing work rate, relationship saving advice, his thoughts on UK broadcaster ...
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25 Funk Butcher Pt 4

Funk discusses what his power would be if he were a character in Xmen, his love of gaming, Teaching young people and working with the Metropolitan pol...
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24 Funk Butcher Pt 3

We break down what Funk Bias is, how it came to be and what we can expect from it, their production process, his production process, big budget sounds...
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