Married with Kids


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A show where we talk about being married with kids

Exercising with Kids

Ben and Emily talk about exercising before and after kids. We talk about how we have made our routines work over the years and discuss some strategies...
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Creativity in Kids

Emily and Ben talk about their kids being creative and using their imaginations. You don’t have to do much to foster creativity - keep it simple and h...
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Parenting Through the Tough Times

Ben and Emily talk about how they are parenting their kids while dealing with the loss of a family member. Parenting can be tough when times are tough...
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Kid$ and Money

Ben and Emily discuss the costs of child-rearing. They talk about how they thought about newborn expenses (needs) and the decisions they are making ab...
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Friends for Toddlers

Ben and Emily talk about navigating friendships with small children. We discuss different kinds of friends your kids may have, including imaginary one...
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