Mary Sue Celebration

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Conversations about weird characters you made up in like eighth grade.

iOwn a Seddie Paddle

Becca joins Harry to talk shipping, parasocial relationships, and the most toxic fandom she's ever been in- the hit Nickelodeon sitcom iCarly.
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Blingee the Hedgehog

Izzy (@Plentyblush) shares with us the story of the Pluto, the pink, hyperactive little sister hedgehog who helped her on the road to self acceptance,...
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King Cheddar XVII

Kiko (@royalpizzaboy on twitter) discusses his OC King Cheddar the XVII, a very fancy and funny little guy you may remember for having a mustache and ...
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Reading our 2007 Crackfic

Miles and Harry confront their past selves in the form of a fanfiction they co-wrote at age 13. Content Warning: 2000s typical edgelord humor includin...
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Cats! (but not the musical)

Carter visits Sue HQ to talk about the Guardians, the Elementarians, and the Unnamed, three groups of cats with mystical powers. And one of them can c...
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Bostonian Meister

Today's Sue is the giant battle axe wielding, tank riding, cigarette smoking, Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee drinking, sarcastic and tragically damaged De...
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Anime Convention Nostalgia

Anime Nostalgia Podcast host Usamimi joins Harry for trip down the dealers room of days gone by to talk about our nostalgia for the anime cons we atte...
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Show Notes: We chat with Jonathan Yee, visual artist, comic maker, and friend of the show, about the family of 13 wizards who lived inside his brain (...
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