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This is nutrition "edutainment" on a mission to help you look better, feel better, and live better one meal at a time. Host Mary Purdy, MS, RDN, Integrative Registered Dietitian dishes out easy-to-digest info, tips, and advice about nutrition and healthy living, backed by over 10 years of clinical experience and a healthy sense of humor. Tune in weekly.

Are Hemp Seeds Healthy? - 101

Are hemp seeds healthy? Not only do these little gems offer tons of nutritional benefits, they help the environment. Tune into find out all the ways h...
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Soil and the Microbiome - 98

Curious about the relationship between the soil and the microbiome? In this episode, we discuss how the industrial food system affects the environment...
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Are Lentils Good for You? - 96

What's so wonderful about the luscious lentil? Probably more than you think! There's a lot to love about this perfect pulse and we talk you through it...
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What is a Plant-Based Diet? - 94

What IS a plant-based diet? Does it mean no meat ever? It is about sprouts? Join us to find out what eating more plant-based proteins in your diet is ...
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