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The Massenomics Podcast has been described as "the lifting podcast about nothing". We (Tommy & Tanner) cover relevant topics in powerlifitng and strongman, but we do it with our spin of humor and entertainment.

Ep. 289: Johnathan Oldham

The one and only Johnathan Oldham @BaconandBeerbells flew in to Western North East South Dakota. So of course we had to pick him up from the airport a...
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Ep. 288: Hunter Henderson

Big Hunter Henderson joins us for this one to discuss merging the worlds of powerlifting and bodybuilding. To quote Powerman 5000: “This is what it’s ...
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Ep. 287: Showing Up To Showdown

We made it to Kansas City for The Showdown Meet last weekend. In this episode we talk about some of the wildest moments of the weekend, including the ...
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Ep. 286: Jonnie Candito

The wait is over. We finally conned Jonnie Candito into coming on the Massenomics Podcast. Did he live up to the hype?? You be the judge. We talk You...
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Ep. 285: Steve Gentili

We talk to Big Steve about running Indy City Barbell, and what it was like during the heydays of raw powerlifting in Los Angeles. We also talk about t...
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Ep. 284: Heather Connor

Big Heather joins us for this one to discuss the wild world of IPF/USAPL drama. There’s a lot going on, and it seems like it’s changing daily. We also...
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Ep. 282: Jon Andersen

Big Jon Andersen joined us to discuss his crazy life as a professional wrestler, IFBB pro bodybuilder, and a top level strongman. We talk about hemorr...
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Ep. 281: Bart Kwan

What does Bart Kwan do? Too much cool shit for us to list in this description, so you’re going to have to check out this episode! We talk to him about...
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Ep. 280: Trey Mitchell

Big Trey Mitchell joins us to talk about his fourth place finish at 2021 World’s Strongest Man. We also talk about the strongman community and cowboy ...
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