Matters Of Opinion

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Matters Of Opinion is a PodCast between friends talking about what matters to us. We sit down weekly, possibly over a few drinks and chat about; sports, history, pop culture, politics, or what we did that week. No matter what we are talking about we can promise you, it will be a little random, hopefully funny, and definitely entertaining.

28 - Magic Tree

If you had a tree that could grow one thing forever what would it be; and you can't pick money, that's to easy.
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26 - Cars

We all use cars so why not talk about the weird things people do in them... 
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25 - Hot Toons

There have been many attractive women in cartoons over the years, and the MOO team figured it was time to chat about which ones we would want to sleep...
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23 - Traveling

Traveling can be stressful, and very expensive, especially when you forget that your passport is expired... 
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22 - Reincarnation

If reincarnation does exist the MOO crew has decided that we all want to come back as a dog, that is it just a dog. A DOG IN A GOOD HOME!!!
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21 - Criminals

Ever wondered what some of the coolest heists ever were? Well so did we, and we were not disappointed. 
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20 - New Years Resolutions

New Year, New Moo!! We are back with our thoughts on New Years resolutions, and very proud about the fact that we were able to come back for another y...
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18 - Space...For Real This Time

Its happening again, the MOO crew tries to talk about space! Listen to see if we can keep on topic for the entire episode and only talk about space......
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