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Drama as Usual

Lyndsay is back and we talk too much about my business, one of us got the virus in October (maybe November, we don’t know what day it is anymore), and...
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Sorta Bizarre

Biz ignores me and calls me the president of the ‘i hate biz fan club’ --- Support this podcast:
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(Manic) Episode

It’s just me this week, I talk about Kanye West’s tweets and how upset I am about the conversation surrounding it and what it is like living with the ...
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Sitting Outside with Andrea

Andrea is back this week and we keep getting interrupted. At one point we move the podcast to the pool because it was hot outside. --- Support this po...
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Something Short

I recorded an episode by myself because I’m lazy (sorry about my air conditioner I turned it off after a minute) --- Support this podcast: https://anc...
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Book Recommendations

First, it’s me by myself but then, Lyndsay and I tell you what to read --- Support this podcast:
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Happy Anniversary

I’ve been doing this for a year now and I brought on Alice to celebrate (but not really bc we barely acknowledge it) but we had fun. (The audio gets w...
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Help An Essential Worker Out

Bryanna’s back this week, she’s a nurse, and she wants you to send her banana bread --- Support this podcast:
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