Me1 vs Me2 Snooker with Richard Herring

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A surreal podcast series from Richard Herring. In this show, he recreates his lonely childhood by playing himself at snooker; commentating as he plays. Madness!

Frame 118

Frame 118 - 118 118 - It's back. After almost 11 months, the classic self-playing snooker contest picks up again - no stupid accents, no knock outs, n...
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ESLOSPS #14 - The Final

Shoot up the Table - It's finally here, the final day of frames and the two one million pound winners (or one two million pound winner). Some people t...
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Things Get Serious - In the penultimate week of frames there are some huge matches that could change the top, middle and bottom of the table. Will Dur...
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Mates - Some people think it's all over, but there are still a few of the Mes in a position to win the whole shebang and three of them are playing ton...
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Eraser - It's all hotting up now isn't it and tonight's frames could put the pretty kitty amongst the pigeons or basically crown the champion with 6 f...
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Highest Break It's the final matches of the fifth round and the tension if pretty much unbearable. But still just about bearable. There's discussion o...
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Xenophobia - The contest is really hotting up as we try to determine who will be the champion of the European Super League of Self-Playing Snooker and...
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Johnny Be Good - The ESLOSPS is heating up. Can Me 3 go top tonight? Which Me will have lost all four of their first four frames? Is Me11's luck about...
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Captain Green: We approach the halfway point of the European Super League of Self-Playing Snooker and with four of the top five in action tonight, we ...
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ESLOSPS #6 - 54 Years Old. Things are hotting up so much that one way or the other you will probably require a Durex. It's the remaining matches for t...
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