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Welcome to Mee&Marcus, where a millennial and a non-millennial talk about stuff and things, with awesome celebrity guests, games, and a sprinkle of cynicism. With your hosts: Actress & Writer Chelsea Mee, and Actor & Writer Michael Marcus. Brought to you by Tigheland Productions in Los Angeles, CA. Support this podcast:

J.Cyrus Came to Chill

This week, Mee&Marcus sat down with J. Cyrus to talk about improv, Vine, J. in High School, Tik Tok, Music and Rap, Stand Up Comedy, dudes from Dubai,...
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Chelcie Lynn & Murderers & Stuff

This week, Mee&Marcus sit down with the hilarious Chelcie Lynn once again to give your ears a great mix of topics; such as murderers, making videos, t...
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Ghost Stuff

This week, Mee&Marcus sit down and talk about ghost stories, life as an actor, meat tumors, what certain alcohol smells like, Tekashi 6ix9ine, and Cal...
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Sh*t Show

This week, Mee&Marcus asked people to call into the show, LIVE on Facebook, as they talked about Steven Avery and Making A Murderer, investing, Mike p...
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Mee, Mike, and His Mom

This week, Mee & Marcus sit down to talk about an abundance of things, from M. Scott Peck, to control and understanding, self awareness, as well as en...
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A Tweet From a Trump

This week, Mee&Marcus sit down and ramble about today's "holidays," quaaludes, Trump's tweets, Katy Perry's weird new cannibal video, the importance o...
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You Offended?

This week, Mee&Marcus are joined by a guest host, Taylor Gottbetter, as they all ramble on about who made oil, Katy Perry's weird lyrics, comedians, a...
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Season 2...ish?

Welcome back to Mee&Marcus, where the two sit and ramble on for 40 minutes about conspiracies, politics, narcissism, self care, and do weird voices. Y...
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David Rabinowitz

This week, Mee&Marcus sit down with the writer of ‘BlacKkKlansman’ (released on August 10th) David Rabinowitz to talk about improv, his time at Cannes...
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Victoria Konefal

This week, Mee&Marcus sit down with soap actress Victoria Konefal to talk about her career, the heat wave, her job as a soap actress and a fun game. W...
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