Meeting Famous People

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People you've never heard of meeting people you have heard of.

Patrick Stump: Episode #7

My brother-in-law Pedro Martinez joins me to talk about a time he exchanged a subtle greeting with Patrick Stump, the lead singer and rhythm guitarist...
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Nick Kroll: Episode #6

My wife Vanessa joins me to talk about our experience at Clusterfest, where we wound up in the audience for Lonely Island with comedian and actor Nick...
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Lin-Manuel Miranda: Episode #5

Mike Rapin talks about a time he stopped to wait at a light for a crosswalk sort of near Lin-Manuel Miranda in New York. Check out Mike Rapin’s podcas...
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George Takei: Episode #4

Joe Dugandzic talks about the time he got to interview the legendary George Takei on his podcast. Check out Joe’s George Takei interview here: http://...
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Meryl Streep: Episode #3

Rob Brogan talks about a time he and a friend ate dinner in close proximity to Meryl Streep in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.
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Jane Kaczmarek: Episode #2

Patrick Delahanty talks about a time Jane Kaczmarek, best known for playing the mom in Malcom in the Middle, drove him home from the airport in New Yo...
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Elton John: Episode #1

Matt Scott, owner of Lemonjellos Coffee in Holland, MI, talks about “meeting” Elton John while walking through downtown Las Vegas.
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