Melody Craft

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Musical ideas with the acoustic guitar

Craft 026: Nothing special

Just tried some tunings and stopped with this one. At first I liked the second part of this snippet but then again, kinda boring and nothing special a...
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Craft 025: ToneWoodAmp Delay

Just got a ToneWoodAmp for Christmas. This really is an amazing gadget for acoustic guitars. It amplifies the sound and effects directly through the b...
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Craft 023: Picking up an old idea

I was browsing through some old ideas and found something from 2007. Back then I felt in love with "Low C" by Erick Turnbull . So the beginning is alm...
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Craft 022: Some fearless idea

I've tried out some things in the tuning of the song Fearless by Erik Mongrain. I kinda like the drive of the chorus but I'll see if it could make it ...
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