Mensana - Psychiatric Facts not Fiction

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Sylvio Burcescu MD tackles a variety of issues relating to psychiatry in a manner that is accessible to both newly interested and advanced learners. No mystical or spiritual fiction. Only logic, reason and randomization -, double blinding - placebo controlled based conclusions.

Psychoactive Substances

A review of all Psycho-active Medications used in Psychiatry. A guide for non professionals, users of psychiatric services or their friends and relati...
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Structuralist Psychotherapy

New form of psychotherapy invented January 23rd 2013 by Sylvio Burcescu MD, Director Mensana Center. A completely new style with roots in greek philos...
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Reading People

When do we know a person and what does that mean. A systematic method to get to know who you are dealing with, predict behaviors, know what you can co...
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Psychiatric Diagnosis

How to diagnose a psychiatric illness. Video intended for the general public and mental health professionals in training. A brief description of the g...
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