Mental Health - The Truth

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My podcast aims to tackle very important issues such as depression, mental health, and other issues that are very important but always get swept under the rug and never taken serious. This podcast is to hopefully inspire people to realise those issues are normal to have and go through and to inspire them to openly talk about what their going through, have those important conversations with themselves and hopefully realise that it's okay to go through tough times and have these mental issues, but how we deal with them and whether or not we let it control us is what dictates who we become and wh

Interview with Max Tomago! ??

In this episode I interview my buddy Max Tomago. We discuss Mental Health, how to find happiness, why you might be Depressed, and so much more! Hope y...
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Interview with Chad Smith!!

In this episode I interview my buddy Chad Smith, he's awesome and has also struggled with Depression and Mental Health.. He was able to come out of th...
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Truth about depression

What is depression? Can you "just get over it" or is it something that stays with you.. listen to this episode to find out my thoughts
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I'm not perfect....

In this episode I talk about how I am not perfect... and that there are things I don't always do right.. But no one is perfect. I also talk about my m...
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