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Micro is a podcast that tells stories and explains ideas in under five minutes. Host Rich Raycraft is obsessed with all the weird things that make our world stranger than fiction, and this "short form" podcast is his way of sharing them.

Speaking Anglish

The English language is a mess, but a very strange group of linguistic purists have a plan to fix it. You may not like the solution.
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A Roko Idea

WARNING: Learning about the idea in this episode will either (a) ruin your life forever, or (b) induce serious eye-rolling.
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The King of Sting

Knowledge is power, but sometimes it's also pain. Entomologist Justin O. Schmidt does what no scientist before him thought to or dared to. Justin O. S...
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A Very Fish-y Nation

How an American Pepsi lobbyist established his own country on a Canadian island and ended up in a stand off with Soviet Russia.
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Green Eggs and Filibuster

Politicians need to get elected, meaning they know it's in their best interest to shut up at least some of the time. But there's one place — a really ...
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We're All Ears

When it comes to intelligent life, our universe seems like a pretty lonely place. But a Russian radio engineer makes the argument that, even in a crow...
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Living Long and Dying Out

The planet and many of its inhabitants are in bad shape. Les Knight believes the reason isn't a mystery, and neither is the solution. You can learn mo...
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