Mikey and Bob

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Best friends on the radio, best friends in real life.

Strawberry Ding Dong

Mikey hit that STRONG button on the keurig this morning - Winter olympics are almost over... What will we remember from these games - The photographer...
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Bologna and A Birkin Bag

Mikey did some serious sleeping - Are the Super Bowl leftovers still good - Dr. Dre spoke with TMZ about having to change lyrics and Eminem taking a k...
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Florida Man Action Movie

Rollin on Dog turds... almost hitting raccoons... rough start to the day for Mikey - A lil Lets Go USA - Snoop Dogg bought Death Row Records - Here We...
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Mushrooms, Monkeys and A Frenchman

We are back.. Bob had a little stomach thing but both ends are sealed back up - How bout a lil lets go pens - Billie Eilish was in town for her big 96...
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Icy Build-A-Bear After Dark

All of Western Pa is delayed or canceled this morning with this snow and ice that we are dealing with - The snow led to Dumpster lid sledding and Busc...
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Naked Ed Looks Real Good Today

The Great Pittsburgh Ice Storm Is Coming - Over 275 schools closed as pittsburgh waits for rain to turn to ice and then turn to snow - Naked Ed lost h...
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