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Episode 17: Same same but different

The sports degenerates discuss how Babe ruth is basically a bitch. The NFL from the 1940’s was a complete and total joke. Stats didn’t start until 198...
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Episode 15: F*@king Nerds

These fucking nerds talk about video games, comics, and anime. Has the fortnite trend created a new high that is equivalant to heroin? G Killed a hors...
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Episode 14: Cody Won't Fund Us

The sports degenerates discuss the high flying offenses of the Saints, Rams, and Chiefs. They also discuss how Cody refuses to fund their Chad Kelly c...
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Episode 12: Peterman is the worst

The sports degenerates talk about Nathan Peterman and John Gruden. Peterman is statistically the worst QB in NFL history. Music By Neslo. https://soun...
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Episode 10: Gruden Countdown

The sports degenerates talk about everything in the NFL and why John Gruden is on the hot seat. Stay up to date on the Gruden countdown. --- Support t...
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